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For Educational Institutes

SMS is an ideal way for students and teachers to interact. It’s a highly practical method of communication for academic establishments, which often have tight administrative budgets.

For Emergency Services

During crisis management, and for business continuity, SMS text messaging can allow emergency services to contact the relevant people, as well as a large database of people, quickly and easily

For Finance & Insurance

Particularly useful for managing fraud as customers can be notified immediately of new activity or changes to an account, such as a new payee being added via online banking.

For Healthcare Services

Harnessing the power of SMS messaging could prevent patients from missing their appointments, dosages on time and can also be used to promote awareness campaigns about pandamics

Our mission it build fault tolerant & highly scalable communication cloud, which can bridge the technological gap between IT Sevices & Telecom Operators. Our tech team extensively works with TIER-1 telcos to avail faster connectivity messaging routes & better rates to our customers

Our APIs are completely in-house built meeting enterprise grade standards and highest uptime in the industry.

For Government Services

Government can make use of messaging services to send important alerts to residents as Tax due date reminders, Emergency event notifications, Flood alerts, Job alerts etc. Thus for government it is important that communication methods are efficient

For Personal Care Services

Personal care services ( salons ) rely heavily on appointments being kept to make the business profitable. Any cancellations or no shows can result in potential revenue loss as well as wasted resources. Thus messaging can be used for reminders and promotions

For Logistics Services

Supply chain is extremely complex and unpredictable, having to contend with number of differing factors such as information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, packaging, if managed well through timely communication, may help organisations reduce costs & become efficient

For Retail Services

Effective communication in the retail industry is crucial to business success. Retailers need to exploit every possible channel, especially in this digital age, to improve internal communications and develop the customer experience.

For Recruitment Services

Increasing competition to fill vacancies before competitors is one key factor, If you can’t alert a candidate to a job before your competitor you risk losing valuable business. SMS can help you in cutting down cost of communication and can help you in connecting with potential leads.

For Transportation Services

The biggest issue for any organisation in the transportation business – whether it is coach companies, ferry services, haulage firms or taxis for example – is the ability to communicate with personnel whilst they are on the move. SMS can help you be connected with every stake holder

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