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send   One Time Passwords (OTP) , Transactional SMS , Promotional SMS
pay Per Delivered OTP (2-6 Seconds Delivery)



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Operator Direct Connectivity

2-6 Seconds Delivery
Global Coverage


Transactional SMS Is Useful For Sending Non-Promotional Messages To Registered Users. Such Messages Are Delivered To Both DND & Non-DND Users, 24x7 !


Promotional SMS Is Useful For Sending Offers, Promotions, Upselling Messages To Any Random User. It Is A Compliant Way To Execute Bulk SMS Promotions.


Phone Verification API or OTP API Is Useful For Sending One Time Passwords (OTPs) To End User For Verifying their Phone Number! Part of Two Factor Authentication (2FA)


Receive SMS Online From Your Clients To Implement Two Way SMS Feedback System. We Offer Free Long Code Number For You To Receive SMS From Your Clients


Direct Connectivity With TIER-1 Telcos To Provide Average Delivery Time Of 2-6 Sec


Proprietary Routing Algorithm To Re-Route Failed Messages Via Backup Operators 


Pay Only For OTPs Delivered Within 15 Seconds & In First Attempt Via Primary Operator


Do Not Let Bulk SMS Companies Resell Your Data, Mask Numbers With 2Factor

Reliable SMS OTP & Bulk SMS Service Provider

2Factor simplifies Sending bulk SMS online, A2P SMS, OTP verification (SMS verification), Bulk sms campaigns / marketing, Sending transactional sms alerts, Sms integration (sms api) for leading & emerging businesses

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We can help you in implementing SMS OTP, Sending Bulk SMS Campaigns & Marketing Campaign Messages

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What are 2Factor's offerings?

2Factor.in offers simple & reliable HTTP APIs for sending bulk SMS, transactional SMS, promotional SMS, OTP SMS for variery of use-cases ( Such As, Customer phone verification, Bulk SMS marketing / campaigns, Lead generation campaigns, SMS alerts etc. )

What is bulk sms sending / messaging / bulk sms marketing? How does bulk SMS help growing business?

Bulk SMS sending also referred as bulk sms messaging simply means sending large number of SMS at once. A good bulk SMS Service provider provides with a simple interface to compose or schedule bulk sms messages in single click. Bulk SMS helps businesses and enterprises in communicating with their users, sharing important updates, up-selling / cross selling their products by executing effective marketing campaigns. Bulk messaging is widely used for transactions, promotions and mobile marketing.

What’s the difference between transactional and promotional SMS?

Promotional / Marketing message typically refers to any message sent for promoting / up-selling / advertising your business offerings. Whereas Transactional / non-promotional sms refers to, messages sent to users as an acknowledgement to the actions performed by them on your app / website. Read more for better clarity.

What makes 2Factor the best bulk SMS provider?

2Factor excels over competition in many ways making it the best Bulk SMS Gateway India. To put it simply, 2Factor offers below distinctive features.

  1. Direct Connectivity: We manage direct connectivity with TIER-1 telcos, to provide best in class delivery time ( avg delivery time of 2-6 seconds )
  2. Fail-over Handling: We have a real-time fail over handling in place, which re-routes messages via standby operators to handle any possible delivery failure. This increases delivery success rates and reduces chances of critical messages getting failed.
  3. SLA Based Pricing: Our SLA is to deliver your OTPs within 15 seconds and in first attempt. If the OTP fails OR delivered beyond 15 seconds, we not only refund you the credit, but also re-route your message via backup carriers for free of cost
  4. Telecom Compliant: We maintain strict compliance with regional telecom laws and regulations to help our clients be compliant.
  5. Offer Legal Assistance: We offer legal assistance in setting up opt-in campaigns to run your campaigns in a compliant & penalty free way
Read more about 2Factor Bulk SMS Platform

What are the benefits of bulk SMS for business?

Statistically, Even today, Bulk sms campaigns are proven to provide much higher returns and greater user engagement over any other mode of marketing. Many business often look for cheap bulk messaging, free bulk SMS or cheap Bulk SMS Service provider in India, but the fact is SMS is still the cheapest medium to promote your business. Following are the benefits of messaging that’s how business can use bulk SMS services–

  1. Greater Reach: SMS is default supported protocol over most mobile devices
  2. Higher Returns: SMS is more engaging than email and social media campaigns as an average person reads over 86% of messages received
  3. Lesser Opt-Outs: Opt-out ratio over sms campaigns is far lesser than email campaigns, giving consistent returns & reach
  4. Lesser Conversion Time: Studies show average conversion time for SMS based campaigns is 90 sec or lesser, as opposed to avg 2-3 days on email campaigns
  5. Targeted Content: Message are often sent with limited characters and thus content is specific to the point, thus more impactful
  6. Preffered Channel For Sending Discounts / Coupons: Leading & over 70% Food tech + eCommerce startups rely on SMS based coupon code promotions for higher user engagement
Here are some Bulk SMS Research infographics.

How to choose the best bulk messaging service provider in India?

A good messaging partner will focus more on ensuring maximum & fastest delivery of your messages to the recipients. One must always look for below parameters while choosing the best Bulk SMS Service provider–

  1. Simple SMS Interface: For business users, executing bulk sms campaigns must be simpler
  2. Simple & Low Latency APIs: To make third party integration simpler, vendor must offer simple and low latency APIs
  3. SMS Delivery SLA: SMS Provider must have a delivery SLA in place to define Reliability
  4. Data Privacy: Option to mask user contacts if provided, is an added advantage in protecting ( masking ) client contact numbers
  5. Fault Tolerant Gateway: SMS gateway must have fail-over handling in place to achieve higher delivery rates.
  6. Global SMS Coverage: As your business scales, you start attracting international users, thus choosing an sms gateway with international delivery coverage is crucial

Does 2Factor have dedicated SMS & VOICE OTP service for phone number verification?

Yes, 2Factor offers reliable sms and voice OTP platform for performing phone verification via simple & restful APIs, Checkout SendOTP Service.

Can we request own / custom sender id for our brand name?

Yes, 2Factor allows you to customize both sender id + sms text for your messages. You can create 6 character Custom Sender Id ( all alphabets ) from within 2Factor control panel

Do you offer delivery reports for send messages?

Yes, 2Factor is one of the very few messaging gateway providers in India, who offer real-time and transparent delivery reports, straight from operator end. For every sms sent with us, we offer delivery report in 4 ways

  1. DLR API (PULL): We avail Delivery Report API to pull delivery reports for sent messages
  2. Delivery Callback Notifications (PUSH): We push delivery reports to your callback URL in real-time, along with GSM error level details
  3. Control Panel Access: All the logs are also available within control panel
  4. Daily Reporting: You receive a daily mailer containing summary and details of the bulk sms sent on previous day
Learn more about delivery report api for bulk SMS

Summary words about 2Factor's Bulk SMS & Send OTP service?

  • 2Factor.in provides highly reliable and robust APIs for implenenting phone verification / two factor authentication (2FA) over sms OTP & voice OTP mediums. We also provide bulk promotional messaging and transactional sms sending services for lead generation, sms marketing, brand promotion, customer communication, customer feedback, surveys, opt-in confirmations, transactional alerts, commercial communications, business communications.

  • 2Factor offers simple sms integration api and sample code to send SMS in php, python, golang, .net, javascript, node.js, c#, java programming languages. SMS Plugins are offered for sending sms in magento, wordpress sms plugin, prestashop sms plugin, shoppify sms plugin, zoho sms plugin, sugar crm sms plugin, excel sms plugin, salesforce sms plugin, pipedrive sms plugin, ecommerce sms plugins.

  • Our services are useful to SMBs for promoting their business to mass audience and to keep in touch with their customers as a part of valuable customer relationship management process. We are one of the best bulk sms & sms otp service providers in india, offering demo account to evaluate sms delivery. We offer real-time & detailed delivery reports for every single sms sent via 2Factor platform.

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